Why Your Facial Oil Might Not Be Working For You
Why Your Facial Oil Might Not Be Working For You

Why Your Facial Oil Might Not Be Working For You

By Hannah

It’s not the right facial oil for you

Facial oils are perfect for anyone who needs an extra boost of hydration or nourishment to their skin, or for those who have a sensitive unbalanced skin that need something a little more neutral to work with. We are coming into winter, and now is a perfect time to add a facial oil into your routine.  The right facial oil can do wonders for a dry, flaky or dehydrated skin. Even an oily skin, it can be great! Some oils are better for drier skin, others are better for oily skins. You can ask your beauty therapist which one is right for you. On another note, if your skin is too dry or too oily, it may be due to dehydration - not actually having a true dry or oily skin.

You’re using too much facial oil

You only need to use it sparingly! When you use too much you will feel like it’s sitting on top of your skin, and your face is slippery and shiny. Many facial oils have a little pump, and even one pump can be too much. Try just 2-3 drops!

Your skin isn’t hydrated enough before applying your facial oil

If your skin is not hydrated, your oil can’t soak in! If your skin is dehydrated the oils are just going to sit on top of your skin and you will have the same shiny slick of a problem as if you were using too much. Soak your skin more, then massage in 2-3 drops of oil.

You’re applying your products in the wrong order

You can apply your facial oil AFTER your cleanse and/or soak, to lock in all the hydration, but ensure it’s BEFORE any moisturisring cream. Adding a facial oil under your moisturiser will either act as a booster or a buffer, depending on both the oil or the moisturiser. When the seasons change, doing both of these is a great idea. You can absolutely use a facial oil on its own. It’s a great idea at night or in warmer more humid weather. During the day you can then put suncare lotion on over the top.


Example Regime: Soak, apply your plant concentrates and florals mists, apply your 2-3 drops of facial oil, apply your concentrated moisturiser (if you’re using one), if during the day then apply your suncare lotion and SPF suncare products, then makeup as normal.

You’re applying your facial oil wrong

Another little tip. Warm your 2-3 drops of facial oil into your hands first, then press onto your soaked skin. You can massage it in slowly, take a few deep breaths and add in a few pressure points for a little pamper. Otherwise just press it all in, and on your soaked and hydrated skin it should absorb beautifully!

The Best Facials Oils To Use: 

Janesce Avocado & Sesame Oil
Bestow The Graces Soothing Oil
Janesce Lavender Aromatic Facial Oil
Bestow The Graces Nourishing Oil

Why Your Facial Oil Might Not Be Working For You