Changing Your Skin Care In Winter
Changing Your Skin Care In Winter

Changing Your Skin Care In Winter

By Hannah

Why do we need to change our skin care in cooler weather?

The skin is our first line of defence when it comes to the body. Its main function is to protect the skin from unwanted environmental influences. Coming into winter, this is especially important.

In winter, the ground, and all surfaces get wet – but the air gets very dry. The lack of humidity in the air is not a great environment for your skin. Humidity for skin is a good thing because it means moisture, and moisture means hydration.

Hydration is one of THE MOST important things for your skin. If it’s not hydrated, it can’t function. If it can’t function, you lose out on a healthy skin.

You will notice once the air becomes very dry at the beginning of winter, your skin becomes very dry also.

Over the summer months, your skin hasn’t been needing to make as many humectants because the moisture in the air has been doing the job of hydrating your skin for you. Now all of a sudden, the humidity isn’t there anymore and your skin is about 2 weeks behind!

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What do we do?

We soak, and we protect!

Up your soaking by soaking more times, for longer each time. Give your skin a boost, and a chance to really soak up all that water it’s craving!

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Change your moisturiser. The light one you were using over summer, will probably not be enough in winter. Use a slightly heavier cream – maybe one that contains more waxes and oils, to protect and lock in the moisture. Janesce Enriched Day Cream, or Janesce Solutions Renew Cream would be great here.

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This still applies even if you work indoors. Have you started using heaters or your heat pump yet?

Unfortunately, these can really dehydrate your skin – upping your moisturiser and using your facial mist during the day will help with this. Going from the cold outdoors, to a heated car, to cold outdoors, to a heated room is also not very helpful for your skin. Your poor capillaries will be working overtime.

Protect, protect, protect. But don’t forget to Skin Soak & Hydrate!

Changing Your Skin Care In Winter