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Recipe Books

The beautifully designed Bestow Recipe Books are filled with healthy recipes, which will inspire you to make positive changes to your diet. These inspiring books inspire you to eat delicious, nourishing food that will support beautiful skin from within.

Beauty Oils and Powders

Bestow Beauty offers a beautiful range of organic skin nutrition boosters to moisturise, nourish, purify and protect your skin from within. Bestow’s nourishing skin nutrition boosters support skin on a cellular level and nurture beautiful, healthy, skin from the inside out.

7 Day Cleanse

Kickstart your wellness journey to beautiful glowing skin! Join the 7 day Skin Detox Programmes! The Programmes introduce you to the Slow-Beauty philosophy of caring for your skin by caring for your life.

Herbal Teas

Bestow Organic Herbal Teas provide hydrating nutrition for beautiful skin, and are the therapeutic alternative to coffee and black tea. A simple tea-break can give you an extra boost of anti-oxidants, calm and relax you, cleanse the body or give you a burst of energy. It all depends which tea you choose.

Bestow Beauty

What you put on your skin is only half the story.

True skin transformation is only possible when we work topically and internally. Bestow offers a beautiful range organic super-food blends, recipes and rituals to nourish skin from within.

If you are ready to embrace the Slow Beauty way, Bestow Beauty is the ideal skin nutrition range to support you from within.

Working From Within

Besides caring for our skin from the outside, we can treat our skin as part of our body as it is essentially created and nourished from the inside. Often we do not consider that the food we choose to eat or the health of our bodies has any influence on the condition of our skin.

Lifestyle and eating habits are directly reflected in our skin’s health and appearance.

Your skin needs a wide range of nutrients in order to thrive, heal and resist premature ageing. Dull, inflamed or spotty skin is an indication that you are not getting enough of the nutrients you need for skin health, or that poor diet is working against a clear, glowing complexion.

Your skin is a reflection of your life, mirroring the quality of your diet, lifestyle and wellbeing. The Janesce products that you apply topically are vital, but true skin transformation is only possible when we also work from within with skin nutrition.

What's involved in the BESTOW BEAUTY journey?

Skin Nutrition Blends

A skin that is well fed from within has the nutrients and EFA’s it requires to produce soft, clear, glowing skin. Bestow Skin Nutrition Blends lay a vital foundation for beautiful skin, providing the essential nutrients and EFA’s the skin needs on a cellular level to nurture beautiful, healthy, skin from the inside out..

Recipes and Rituals

Bestow Recipes and Rituals guide you on a wellness path, helping you to embrace a healthy lifestyle that supports beautiful skin. Bestow products are primarily food-based and designed to be incorporated into food because this makes the nutrients more bio-available and better absorbed by the body.

7 Day Skin Challenge

Bestow and Janesce Vital Cleanses are 7-day Skin Detox programmes to renew your skin from within and set you on a wellbeing journey that can transform the way you live, look and feel every day. Embark on a life-changing week of beautiful food, nurturing rituals and energising skin nutrition products.

The Bestow Beauty Range

We recommend all clients take the Bestow Twin Skin Essentials (Beauty Oil & Beauty Powder) to provide the fundamental nutrients required for beautiful skin.

There are a wide range of Bestow Beauty products and your therapist will select the products that will best suit your unique skin needs. Below are some of the key elements that make up the Bestow Beauty skincare rituals for skin nutrition home care.

Beauty Oils

Bestow Beauty Oils moisturise your skin from within. Rich in EFA’s, they helps to clear congestion, makes your skin feel soft, smooth and velvety and gives it a natural, luminous glow. One of the must-haves!

Nutritious Powders

The Bestow Beauty Powders provide the nutritional building blocks your skin needs to produce good quality collagen and elastin, and protect skin from the ageing affects of free radicals.

Digestive Support Powders

A fibre-rich blend of super-foods support the health of the liver and bowel by including probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes to restore the gut and renew skin from within. They promote regular elimination of toxins, creating the inner environment for clear, glowing skin.

Soul care is each of the beautiful rituals that support your skin, health and wellness over your lifetime. From skin care to soul care; it’s the walk on the beach, the toes in the sand, the deep breathing of fresh New Zealand air. It’s the time you put into loving yourself. Your WHOLE self. It’s our privilege to guide you on this wellness journey. Living the Slow-Beauty way is a beautiful way to live. We know you’re going to love it!


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