How To Combat Oily Skin
How To Combat Oily Skin

How To Combat Oily Skin

By Hannah

Do you have oily skin?

Your skin is oily and prone to blemishes. It might start out fine, but later on in the day its shiny. Your makeup and products seem to just sit on the top of your skin without soaking in and it feels horrible.

What do you do?

Just like a dry skin we talked about recently - you make sure its hydrated, feed and protected.

9 times out of 10, the reasons for oily skin is first due to dehydration. (For long term, healthy results) we need to address the dehydration before the oiliness. It’s a long article, but a very important one if it relates to your and your skin. Or maybe you know somebody who suffers from oily skin? Share with them.


Dehydration: we need to be hydrated from both the inside and the outside. Do you know if you are drinking enough water? Try adding lemon, cucumber or mint to a glass of water for extra flavor. Try green tea? Coffee & alcohol are dehydrating and don’t count towards your daily water intake amount.

Make sure the oils in our diets are healthy: If our skin lacks good oils and essential fatty acids (EFAs), like omega 3, 6 & 9 it becomes unbalanced. Try Bestow Beauty Oil – a flaxseed oil – the easiest and most direct way to supplement and boost your EFA intake, with loads of added benefits.

For acne & blemishes, watch your intake of unhealthy foods and foods that can congest the skin. For example: milk proteins, protein powder, dairy, chocolate, cheese, saturated fats (they are irritating to the skin), processed meat etc.

Yes chocolate can give you blemishes, IF you are genetically sensitive. Some of us can eat lots of chocolate, and nothing noticeably happens to our skin. Others just need a small amount for spots to start coming up!

This doesn’t mean to cut all of these out of your diet. Some it is best to avoid, but others you can eat in moderation just fine. Please do not cut out oils & fats for oily skin. This can cause more problems. What you need is a GOOD QUALITY fat or oil in your diet. Bestow Beauty Oil is fantastic for this! It’s a skin smoother & moisturiser from the inside out. It is anti-inflammatory, making it great for any angry red spots. It’s a thin and smooth oil instead of a thick and sticky oil you might product if (say) you were eating lots of cheese!

Speaking of EFA’s please make sure you aren’t deficient in B vitamins, as one of the reasons these are needed is for our bodies to utilise the EFA’s we are getting from the Bestow Beauty Oil. They can be supplemented, but best through a food source (brown rice, nuts, muesli etc.) Some acne spots are hormone driven.

Recommendation: Bestow Beauty Plus Oil, Beauty from Beneath Capsules

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Soaking your skin from the outside is a very efficient and direct way of hydrating the upper layers of your skin. If our skin is not hydrated, then the enzymes in our skin (activated by water) can’t do their job! This is the first and one of the most important steps in your skin care range. You need to hydrate your skin first, before focusing on any other skin problems.

Learn how to Skin Soak

Your skin may be oily because there’s not enough water. Crazy thought? If there’s not enough water, your skin can’t MAKE it for you – it will try to compensate by producing more oil.

Soak your skin longer if you are new to it, or if you are especially dehydrated. Once your skin is hydrated, it is a lot easier to stay there – but you have to cross that line first!

Acne & blemished (or congested) skin is not caused by poor hygiene – though that doesn’t mean you can slack off in the hygiene department! When your skin looks ‘spotty & oily’ all you want to do is cleanse it off and wash it away. This is not the best idea. Avoid foaming cleansers, as they can strip the skin of its natural oils. We need these to protect our skin and keep our hydration locked in! Use a cream, lotion or oil cleanser – and only use it at night to wash off makeup, SPF, any pollution build up from during the day. In the morning, the Janesce Soaking Drops will be enough to wash of the last traces of your night products. If you cleanse too often (even with a gentle cleanser) you are still cleansing the natural oil layer of your skin that we NEED. Over cleansing will strip the skin, causing it to be weak, unprotected & dehydrated – a vicious cycle to be in.

After soaking, it is essential you are feeding your skin the right nutrients. This is where your facial mists, herbal concentrated serums, moisturisers and facial oils come in. You need to lock that water in! There’s no point hydrating if you aren’t able to keep the water there. I love a facial oil at night, and a cream or lotion for the day.

When using a facial oil, you don’t need very much at all – a few drops is perfect. The oil will not make your skin oilier, just keep at it and it will balance out.

Recommendation: Janesce Lavender Soaking Drops, Muslin Soaking Cloth, Janesce Soothing Mist, with either Janesce Lavender Facial Aromatic Oil, Nourishing Skin Reviver, or Moisture Balance.

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How To Combat Oily Skin