Skin Hydration | The Second Thing You Need To Know About Skin Care
Skin Hydration | The Second Thing You Need To Know About Skin Care

Skin Hydration | The Second Thing You Need To Know About Skin Care

By Hannah

Skin needs hydration. ALWAYS

The skin care products you use on your skin should feed, nourish and support your skin. What you put on your skin is extremely important.

Using aggressive cleansers & exfoliants can cause your skin to become congested, irritated or stripped of its naturals oils – this can cause all kinds of problems, including dehydration. The layer that contains these natural oils is called the acid mantle. This layer is one of the skins natural protective mechanisms. One of the functions of the acid mantle is to prevent water loss and maintain hydration.

”But I drink a lot of water!”

Internal hydration (the water we drink) is not usually visible on the skin. The top layer of your skin can’t access this deeply hydrated section, which is why we need to focus on hydrating the top layer through a daily skincare regime. You might be drinking enough water to hydrate the deeper layers, but the top layers can still be very dehydrated, leading to various issues. To achieve complete hydration, the top layer of your skin needs to reach its dew point. By maintaining this dew point, you ensure consistent hydration. Our Skin Soaking ritual is one of the most effective anti-aging practices you can adopt for your skin.

”But wait, what was the first thing about skin care?”

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Internally, the key to healthy skin is DIGESTION.

Externally, the key to healthy skin is HYDRATION.

Why do I need hydrated skin?

  • Your skin contains lots of enzymes, all which need water to activate and function properly.
  • Most skin problems are first due to dehydrated skin. These enzymes are not able to do what they are made to do.
  • Dehydration causes your skin cells to be dry & brittle – this makes the skin weak and causes lots of problems, especially sensitivity.
  • Hydration encourages your skin to be strong - it is more able to cope with things like environmental stress, and other products (like skin care or makeup). It will also help slow the ageing process.
  • This is the second Janesce principle of Skin Care. The skin needs to be fully hydrated in order to function at its optimum level.

How do I know if my skin is dehydrated?

A weak or dehydrated skin could look or feel any combination of the following:

  • Very dry or very oily
  • It feels tight/taut, flaky - especially after a cleanser
  • Large pores
  • It feels bumpy and irritated (such as acne - both deep and fine congestion)
  • It has blockages - big or small. Some that just don’t go away!
  • It always seems red, or is sensitive to certain conditions or products
  • Products feel tingly or stingy
  • Products cause redness after first being applied
  • Premature ageing

Janesce Soaking Drops

”Wet the skin and lock it in.”

- Janice Sarre Smith, Janesce Founder and Creator.

How do I hydrate my skin?

Both morning and night, soak the skin to directly hydrate, then lock the water in with a mist and concentrated moisturiser.

Add two to three drops of Janesce Soaking Drops to a basin quarter filled with warm water. Immerse you soaking cloth in the water, and wring out the excess water gently (not so its dry, just so its not dripping). Hold the soaking cloth to your face gently but firmly, pressing the moisture into your skin for 15 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times (the more the better).

Immediately spray your skin with the Janesce Floral Mist.

Use a very small amount of appropriate Janesce Moisturiser or Facial Oil and press into the damp skin of your face and neck.

Soak longer if you are new to this soaking step or if your skin is especially dehydrated. The longer the better.

If you leave your skin to dry on its own with nothing to lock in the moisturiser, you risk causing your skin to become very dehydrated. This may also happen using lower quality skin care brands.

Janesce Soaking Drops

Why Janesce Skin Care?

The Janesce difference is that their creams (or moisturisers) are highly concentrated and contain less water then most moisturisers. This is why the moisturising step is divided into two steps (water & concentrated cream phase).


Janesce Soaking Drops are an extreme hydration boost. They offer a gentle cleanse while increasing the skins ability to absorb beneficial plant actives by up to 50%.


Janesce Floral Mists give a soothing & hydrating boost to the skin. They also provide a quick boost of plant actives, soon to be locked in by your moisturisers.


Because of the low water content, all Janesce moisturisers will lock in the water and hydration from the previous steps, as well as feeding and protecting your skin in different ways depending on your specific suited moisturiser.

Any questions? I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch or Book a Consultation with me and let’s talk about your skin!

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Skin Hydration | The Second Thing You Need To Know About Skin Care