September Wellness Month: 7 DAYS OF ME
September Wellness Month: 7 DAYS OF ME

September Wellness Month: 7 DAYS OF ME

By Hannah

It’s the time of the year for some spring clean, starting with MYSELF.

September is Wellness Month, and I am taking part in the Janesce Vital Cleanse, 7 DAYS OF ME programme - once again. I last took part in March, and really enjoyed the 7 days, and the results from it!

Unfortunately I have had a busy year since then, and I have fallen off the band wagon a little bit in regards to my nutrition (or lack of!). I’ll be starting on the 14th September for those who would like to join me.

The Janesce Vital Cleanse programme is a gentle, effective way to detoxify and has been used successfully for over 40 years. To celebrate the success of this amazing programme we have created a stunning, 80 page book filled with recipes, a meal planner and prep guide, a shopping guide plus loads of nutritional information and tips.

It is SEVEN days of feeding your body nutrient rich food, while cutting out any toxins or ‘unhelpful foods’. It is a detox (so you won’t be doing it if you have been sick, or if you are pregnant - or if you are at any other time in your life when you should be building the strength of your body & system).

I’m also looking forward to keeping it up afterwards, and MANAGING STRESS.

Join me?

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Prefer to follow the cleanse online instead of a physical book?

Try the Bestow Seasonal Cleanse here!
September Wellness Month: 7 DAYS OF ME