7 Things I Love About 7DAYSOFME
7 Things I Love About 7DAYSOFME

7 Things I Love About 7DAYSOFME

By Hannah

1. The Duration

Only seven days. One whole week. It makes it easy to commit to and a perfect place to start a lifestyle change.

2. The Recipes

The food is great, no weird fancy health foods you have to hunt around to purchase. All the recipes are simple enough to prepare, and all contain a similar cupboard of ingredients. Easy peasy.

3. The Menu

There’s enough there, you’re not going hungry! Better yet, its nutrient dense food not only keeping you fuller for longer, but a better kind of full! Yay for energy!

4. The Philosophy

A healthy inside means a healthy outside. What you put on your skin is only part of the results – what you put into your body is where the big changes happen! Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.

5. The Janesce Aperitif & Bestow Beauty Oil

If you’re doing the 7DAYSOFME programme, you will already know why both of these are amazing. Beauty Oil (in addition to many other things) helps all the cells in your body detoxify. The Aperitif is a natural blood cleanser and liver tonic to help gently detoxify the body.

6. The Inspiration & Support

The book, the programme, your skin therapist, the 7DAYSOFME social media groups – all there to inspire you and help you on your journey. The tips & knowledge in the book itself is enough to make you want to make permanent changes to your lifestyle.

7. The Results!

The 7DAYSOFME Vital Cleanse will help you and your skin look and feel more healthy and radiant all over.

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7 Things I Love About 7DAYSOFME