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How does our waitlist work?

If you can’t find an suitable booking time through our website, use this form to be added to our waitlist for an appointment. Include your preferred treatments, date & times and the best way to contact you quickly.

If another client cancels their appointment, and this free appointments suits your request - we’ll contact you to offer the appointment slot. Depending on how soon the appointment is will depend how long we hold that space for you. It could be anywhere between 1 - 24 hours, so please try and get back to us quickly!

If offered times don’t work for you we’ll ask you on the phone if you’d like to stay on the waitlist. We may remove you from our waitlist if we don’t receive any response from you, if it’s been more than 30 days and/or if your requested dates/timeframes have passed.

Of course you’re welcome to add yourself back on, it keeps our waitlist as up to date as possible.

We also recommend following us on Instagram to watch out for last minute available bookings.

Appointment Waitlist

Please list all treatments you require. Visit our treatment menu HERE.
Please specify all dates, date ranges, or days of the week, with times you are available.
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