Yumi Lash Lift | The Ultimate Lash Treatment
Yumi Lash Lift | The Ultimate Lash Treatment

Yumi Lash Lift | The Ultimate Lash Treatment

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Yumi Lash Lift Treatment will be available in the near future! Ask your therapist when, or add yourself to the waitlist below and we’ll let you know when we have appointments available.

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The Yumi Lash Lift

A keratin infusion that curves the natural lashes upward & locks in a dark glossy sheen. Suitable for sensitive eyes and lasts 8-12 weeks. This vegan, cruelty free treatment packs a punch.

The Yumi Lash Lift is a revolutionary technique that aims to enhance your natural lashes, providing a stunning curl and tint that lasts for weeks.

What is Yumi Lash Lift?

The Yumi Lash Lift is a revolutionary lash enhancement technique that curls and tints natural lashes without the use of harsh chemicals or rollers, providing a natural and elegant look. Unlike traditional lash perms, the Yumi Lash Lift doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals or rollers that can damage your lashes. Instead, it utilizes a nourishing keratin-infused formula, which works to strengthen and lift each individual lash from the root.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Yumi Lash Lift is its natural results. Your lashes will appear longer, curvier, and darker, all while maintaining a natural and elegant allure. Say goodbye to clumpy mascara and hello to the effortless beauty of your own enhanced lashes.

How does a Yumi Lash Lift work?

Using a combination of Keratin, Proteins and Nourishing agents in 3 seperate solutions the process softens, lifts then fixes the natural lashes into a curvature chosen by your therapist for your desired look.

What does the Yumi Lash Lift treatment involve?

The Yumi Lash Lift involves applying a nourishing keratin-infused solution to lift and set each individual lash from the root, creating a longer, curvier, and darker appearance that lasts for weeks. The procedure is simple, safe, and tailored to complement your unique eye shape. Your certified Yumi Lash Lift technician carefully applies the keratin solution to your lashes, meticulously lifting and setting them in place. A lash tint is applied to complete your final look, with a sweep through of nourishing keratin mascara. The entire process usually takes 1.5hrs, up to 2 hours, depending on the therapist.

You choose your overall look! While some clients love to go for that super dramatic style, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. In certain situations, like for guys, those with hooded eyes, or lashes that point downward, we recommend a more gradual and softer look. But hey, the decision is entirely yours to make! We’re here to create the perfect look that suits your unique preferences and features. So, let’s chat and find the ideal lash style that’ll make you feel fabulous!

Who can have Yumi Lash Lift?

The Yumi Lash Lift is not limited by lash length or thickness. Whether you have short, straight lashes or long but downward-pointing ones, this procedure can transform your lash game. It’s a fantastic alternative to eyelash extensions, offering a low-maintenance solution that requires little daily upkeep and no refills.

Your last lash lift (from any other brand) needs to have been at least 12 weeks prior to the Yumi Lash Lift, to avoid over processing the lashes. Minimum 8 week for Yumi Lash Lift. Nobody wants frizzy damaged lashes!

We recommend taking out any eye contacts prior to your treatment. While Yumi Lash Lift is suitable for sensitive eyes, this treatment does need to be performed dry - and stay dry for at least 24 hours. This means it may not be suitable for those with watery eyes or eyes that water very easily.

Unfortunately, clients suffering from alopecia, trichotillomania (where the lashes are pulled out), going through chemo, current eye infections (such as conjunctivitis), healing eye lid surgery (wait 12wk, with Doctor clearance), or damaged lashes from lash extensions or damage from a previous lift or another brand.

How long does Yumi Lash Lift last, and how do you look after it?

The Yumi Lash Lift lasts 8-12 weeks depending on the cycle of your natural lashes. To prolong your treatment, we recommend using Yumi Keratin Mascara and lash serums such as RevitaLash Serum. These nourish and protect your lashes, making them stronger and your lash life cycle longer. To get the best out of your treatment, avoid harsh products and waterproof mascaras on your lashes. Use cream cleansers or oil-free products to have your tint last as long as possible.

Straight after your treatment, you’ll need to keep your lashes free of water, heat and steam for at lesat 24 hours.

Yumi Lash Lift Aftercare
  • For the first 2 hours, don’t touch your lashes at all

  • For the first 24 hours, do not wet or rub your eyelashes

  • For the first 24 hours, do not apply creams or cleansers around the eyes

  • For the first 24 hours, do not apply Mascara or lash serums

  • For the first 24 hours, avoid saunas, swimming and steam

  • Everyday, use Yumi Lashes Keratin Mascarafor the best future results

  • Using lash serums such as RevitaLash can prolong the life of the lashes, thus prolong your lash lift

  • Avoid waterproof mascara as it can be damaging to the natural lashes

  • Avoid Eyelash extensions if at all possible

Why Yumi Lash Lift over other brands?

Experience the difference with Yumi Lashes, the leading Lash Lifting brand in New Zealand! Unlike other brands, Yumi Lashes offers consistent and stunning results while also promoting lash health. You can trust that the quality is exceptional worldwide, ensuring an outstanding experience for you.

When you choose Yumi Lashes, your therapist will have a deep understanding of the entire process, from preparation to creating a custom lash curvature that will leave you saying “wow!” Each treatment is personalized just for you, and the results are truly impressive, as you can see in our pictures.

Our therapists undergo training with Certified masters, ensuring that you receive the best possible treatment. While Yumi Lashes may have a premium price, it reflects our commitment to providing extraordinary results and the highest level of care. Investing in Yumi Lashes means choosing the gold standard for Lash Lifting & Brow Lamination treatments, giving you the confidence and radiance you deserve.

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Yumi Lash Lift

Yumi Lash Lift

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Yumi Lash Lift

Yumi Lash Lift | The Ultimate Lash Treatment