Your Skin Care Starter Pack | Hydrate & Glow
Your Skin Care Starter Pack | Hydrate & Glow

Your Skin Care Starter Pack | Hydrate & Glow

By Hannah

Janesce Intro Pack

Janesce Hydrate & Glow Skin Care Starter Pack

The Janesce Hydrate & Glow Pack is the perfect way to begin your Janesce journey. You’ll receive everything you need to begin your twice-daily Janesce Skin Soaking Ritual for Glowing Skin. Introductory product sizes make this an affordable way to sample the Janesce experience for yourself. These packs are also great for when travelling!

There is enough product for around two months of use.

What’s in the pack?

Rose or Lavender Soaking Drops

A rose infusion with a hydrating and softening effect, or a lavender infusion with a balancing and calming effect.

Rose Petal Cleanser 25mls

A creamy, plant-based cleanser featuring rose and lavender.

Rose Petal Mist (30mls)

A feminine floral mist with a hydrating and softening effect.

Nourishing Skin Reviver (25mls)

A popular plant-based face moisturiser with an enlivening and nourishing effect.

Soaking Cloth

A beautifully soft, cotton gauze cloth for soaking the skin.

30 Days to Glow Booket
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The Janesce Skin Care Regime

How to use your Janesce Hydrate & Glow Pack
1a. CLEANSE (evening only)

Only in the evenings, dilute a small amount of Rose Cleanser in your hands then massage into the skin. Rinse off with warm water and a cloth. In the mornings, go straight to the next step and skip the cleanse! Why only cleanse once a day?

1b. SOAK

Soak your skin, using warm water (not hot!) and a soaking cloth or face cloth. Add 2-3 drops of your Soaking Drops to the water and immerse your cloth. Squeeze out excess water and hold the cloth over your face and décolleté for 20 seconds. Dip your cloth back into the water, squeeze out again and repeat another soak. Soak 5 times.

Learn more about Skin Soaking

While the Hydrate and Glow Pack does not include any serums or concentrates, they can be an important step in your skin regime due to their potent strength. Your beauty therapist can recommend which naturopathic or herbal concentrate is right for you. The Janesce Sensitive/Dehydrated concentrate is great for boosting the process of re-hydration. They are a plant tincture, and generally the strongest products in the range. Apply a few drops to your soaked and damp skin, before locking in your hydration.


After soaking and applying any serums, ‘lock in’ the hydration by misting with your Rose Mist, and applying 1 pump of your Nourishing Skin Reviver. This moisturiser is suitable for both day and night use. Apply your moisturiser to both face and décolleté.

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As the Janesce products are very concentrated, so you only need a very small amount to do the job. A pea size of cleanser, or a sunflower seed size of moisturiser for example.

The Hydrate & Glow Pack lasts generally around 2 months for most people (give or take if you’re heavy handed, but you really don’t need to be!). The two month time-frame means you give it a decent go. You will be hooked after one week - I know I was!

The Hydrate & Glow Pack will suit many skins - they are strong but simple; though there are still some exceptions with certain sensitive skin conditions. They will not suit skins with serious skin conditions. For any skin sensitivities, look at either the Janesce Strengthen & Glow Pack or Janesce Repair & Glow Pack. These are suited to more sensitive or compromised skins.

Regardless of what skin type you think you have - please note that it is important you speak to your therapist first to ensure these products are right for you. Many professional skin care brands (including Janesce) have very active ingredients and should be used carefully and properly, with the guidance of your skin therapist.

Have you already tried this? What did you think? Let us know.

Your Skin Care Starter Pack | Hydrate & Glow