The Slow Beauty Movement
The Slow Beauty Movement

The Slow Beauty Movement

By Hannah

I am proud to be apart of the Slow Beauty movement.

The Slow Beauty movement describes a fast growing sub-culture of beauty therapists who have lost faith in the ‘quick-fix’, often invasive products and procedures that abound in the beauty industry and are drawn to a holistic approach to skincare with a focus on dermo-nutrition, wellness and genuine skin health from the inside out.

The Slow Beauty movement is following a similar trajectory to the Slow Food movement and reflects a similar shift in values away from short-term convenience towards slower, deeper and truer ideals.

The tides of change are well underway and there is now a new generation of beauty therapists leading the way in holistic, ‘slow’ beauty.

I believe if your body is healthy, your skin will look great. If your skin is healthy, the rest of your body would be feeling great too. Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on, on the inside.

I like to think of Slow Beauty, as a gentle but very direct way of getting healthy, long term results for skin. There is nothing that says this means we can’t get results with a skin in a week! But it requires commitment by the owner of that skin.

It means you’re not just treating the symptoms by slapping a cream over the top. It means you are looking at the body as a WHOLE, and treating the skin as a WHOLE. It also means you are looking ahead to a healthy future by making lifestyle changes, not just for your skin, but for your WHOLE SELF.

There’s only one YOU, so look after you and give you your best.

Who’s in?

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The Slow Beauty Movement