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The Best Exfoliant For Your Skin Care Regime

The Best Exfoliant For Your Skin Care Regime

Why is my favourite product the Janesce Gentle Enzyme Peel?

It’s a gentle peel created from 18 organic plant extracts for improving skin texture.

Not only can it be used on almost any skin type, it is so gentle and very easy to use. There is no mess and no awful bits of grit or granules that can get left on the skin, unlike so many other exfoliants (and don’t get me started on how abrasive and rough some of them can be!)

It’s important not to over exfoliate the skin as your skin has a natural barrier that protects it and helps it retain moisture. Scrubbing the skin too hard or using exfoliating products too often, can damage the most outer layer of skin. The main sign of over exfoliating your skin, is skin hypersensitivity; this appears as redness, dryness, tightness, sensitivities or problematic skin. Just like over cleansing, avoid exfoliating too much and too often (this goes for all over your body!). Over doing it will strip your skin of it's natural oils and cause even more problems!

If you are exfoliating too often, I would stop all exfoliants until you’ve come in for a consultation with one of our lovesoul therapists. Start Skin Soaking (follow this guide to know how to soak your skin), and moisturising twice a day only. No scrubbing! This will help your skin to repair and rebalance itself before we can set you on a home care regime yourself.

Of course, exfoliating the skin is still important. When done correctly, exfoliating;

  • sloughs off excess surface dead skin cells 
  • enables better product penetration
  • evens skin tone, texture and colour

The main ingredients in the Enzyme Peel include fruit enzymes from the papaya and pineapple. This gives a beautiful scent to the product, it smells divine! When you wet the enzyme peel, it activates the enzymes from the papaya. The active enzymes help slough off any excess dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin, leaving the skin silky and smooth.

To use, take a small thumbnail size amount of the enzyme peel in one hand, and mix with warm water on your fingertips. Massage this into the skin for 2-3mins, keeping it wet the entire time. If it starts to dry, it will feel slightly tacky. If that’s the case, wet your fingertips again and continue massaging over your face and neck. After 3 minutes, rinse and remove with a soft facial cloth, and follow with your usual Skin Soaking routine, then spritz with your favourite Janesce mist and moisturiser to lock in all that beautiful hydration. You only need to use the Enyzme Peel twice per week (or as otherwise recommended by your therapist).  I like to do mine in the evening when I have a bit more time, and it feels like a home spa!


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Soul care is each of the beautiful rituals that support your skin, health and wellness over your lifetime. From skin care to soul care; it’s the walk on the beach, the toes in the sand, the deep breathing of fresh New Zealand air. It’s the time you put into loving yourself. Your WHOLE self. It’s our privilege to guide you on this wellness journey. Living the Slow-Beauty way is a beautiful way to live. We know you’re going to love it!


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