Teenage Acne & Janesce
Teenage Acne & Janesce

Teenage Acne & Janesce

By Emma

Many teenagers are burdened with the horrible effects of acne during the teenagers years, and for some it starts earlier and even continues through to adulthood. Generally, from around the age of 15, this is caused by a huge surge of hormones going through the body upsetting what was in balance. In addition to hormones, major triggers can be diet, stress and your skin care regime.

At lovesoul, we highly recommend getting them on to a Slow Beauty regime as soon as possible, rather than a quick fix solution (i.e. harsh beauty treatments, harsh products, strong medications). We choose slow beauty as we believe the results to be deeper and more true. While for some it can be a total lifestyle change, you (or your teen!) can always start small and still get great results! From personal experience with my own son, Ben, it has been a huge transformation.

To make it easy, we have Janesce Glow Packs (or “Starter Kits”) that will last approximately two months. This is a great way to trial out the routine, and get started on the path to strengthening the skin. For acne and for teenagers, it’s back to basics.. the Avocado & Sesame Oil is both a great soothing cleanser and healing moisturiser. Using this facial oil as a moisturiser, and in combination with the Janesce Skin Soaking, it really does help take away the angry redness that occurs with acne. This is especially important where the skin has become dehydrated, often due to using products which strip the skin of its natural oils. The skin then has to work twice as hard in attempt to correct the balance! (I’m looking at you, Benzac AC!)

Encouraging your teenager to get into good skin care habits is key:

  • Using the Avocado & Sesame oil to cleanse at night (this is part of the Janesce Repair & Glow Pack). No cleansing required in the morning, and no foaming cleansers here! Throw them out!
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  • Both in the morning and the evening, soak the skin with warm water and a cloth, for 20 seconds. Dip your cloth back into the warm water, squeeze out and repeat 3 times, holding over the face and neck for at least 20 seconds. New to skin soaking? Learning how is easy. You won’t get true Janesce results without it!
Learn How to Skin Soak
  • If using the Janesce Glow Pack, you’ll also have a serum or plant concentrate (we like to call them medicine for the skin!). Apply a few drops of SK1 or Sensitive/Dehydrated Concentrate (whichever is in your pack) to the skin for a serious boost in hydration, decrease in sensitivity and redness. This is very soothing and hydrating and will also aid in the healing process for the skin.
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  • Our Soothing Mist is incredible at taking heat and irritation out of the skin. Spray a small amount of soothing spray and press into the skin after applying the concentrate, as it will also calm and soothe the skin.
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  • Use a few drops of your Avocado & Sesame oil again as your moisturiser to lock in all that hydration and goodness. This will help desensitise, protect and hydrate the skin.
  • Last but not least, we look at nutrition and diet. It’s not just a case of avoiding the “bad foods”, it’s also about making sure you are adding in the “goods”. For internal support, the Bestow Beauty Plus Oil & Bestow Beauty from Beneath Capsules are a must.
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  • Learn about Congesting Foods & Heating Foods, and find alternatives. Some foods (known as Congesting Foods) contain fats that are thick and sticky, and this can cause problems for some people who are more genetically sensitive to blockages and breakouts. Then others foods and drinks (we call Heating Foods) have a heating effect on the skin. These foods make skin conditions like acne worse by increasing any redness and inflammation present.
Congesting & Heating Foods
  • As the skin gets stronger, we can then look at adding other simple home care products to their skin care regime (such as further preventing scarring).

We would also recommend regular facials if able as we can then see what is happening within the skin and remove any blockages that could potentially cause scarring.

The difference in Ben’s skin over the last three years of him being on these products has been amazing! Although the acne still comes and go, particularly around exam time and stress – his skin is now hydrated and balanced. When the acne does show itself, it’s no longer red and angry as it was before, and heals much more quickly.

We understand how acne can seriously knock your teens confidence and encourage you to first book a consultation and/or facial with one of us at lovesoul. We can give solid advice surround skin care products, skin nutrition and lifestyle habits relating to skin. We feel it’s important to understand why and how to look after your skin – especially in the age of social media where we are right now. Don’t follow the trends & fads, and don’t use what your friend is using just because it’s working for them. Everyone is different. Learn about your skin first, then you can make your educated choices towards beautiful skin!

Remember: Wet the skin, and lock it in!

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