Skin Care While On Vacation

Skin Care While On Vacation

By Hannah

The environment can play a big role in how your skin holds hydration (which we know is one of the most important things for healthy glowing skin!). Not surprisingly, different places of the world have different types of weather. Some places are warm, some are cold; some are humid, some are dry. Some are warm and humid; some are warm and dry… In humid weather, it is easier to keep a hydrated skin.

Its important to understand the weather and environment you will be in while travelling. It may require you to soak longer, change your moisturiser, or add in a concentrated serum while you are away. Flights (especially long haul) can also dry out your skin. This is usually due to the air conditioning and re-circulated air that is very dehydrating. Skin-wise, our travel size Soothing Mist is perfect for flights! Especially spritz before and after your flight. You may have one already from your intro pack!

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Skin Care While On Vacation