The SIX Nutritional Elements You Need For Skin
The SIX Nutritional Elements You Need For Skin

The SIX Nutritional Elements You Need For Skin

By Hannah

When looking at the internal support of the skin we can see that all of the foods we eat will have some impact on the skin but there are however, six vital elements for skin health and balance.  When we are low or deficient in one, the others are all affected. They need to be in constant balance for skin health. You could be abundant in one nutrient, but deficient in another. This deficient nutrient will affect your ability to use the nutrient you have in abundance. Think of it this way:

Before we go in depth on each of them, what are the SIX Essential Nutritional Elements for Skin?

  1. Water
  2. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s)
  3. B Complex Vitamins
  4. Vitamin A
  5. Zinc
  6. Vitamin C


Why does our skin need water?

Both the inside and outside of our skin are very reliant on water. Deep down, our collagen and elastin fibres rely on correct water levels in the skin to maintain the moisture and flexibility of our skin. On top, our skin contains enzymes that rely on water in order to remain active. Without water, enzyme action is drastically reduced and the skin will suffer. This is where our Skin Soaking comes in. It’s not just about the water we drink – although that is super important too! The health and beauty of the skin is dependent on this top layer of our skin being sufficiently hydrated. Unfortunately, it is difficult for these top skin layers to tap into the body’s internal reservoir of water. Because of this the hydration of the epidermis is more influenced by the environment in which we live (air conditioning, etc) and the skin care products we choose to use.

How can we get water for our skin?

  1. Drink plenty of plain, clean water every day.
  2. Add Skin Soaking to your skin care regime morning and night, to hydrate from the outside.
Learn How to Skin Soak
  1. Add lemon to your water in the morning to boost hydration, 20 minutes before breakfast to kick-start your digestion!
  2. Drink hot or iced herbal teas instead of coffee or alcohol to avoid dehydrating the skin.
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Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s)

Why does our skin need EFA’s?

This is the most commonly deficient nutrient. EFA’s are important for skin, hair, wound healing and immunity. Both Omega 3 AND Omega 6 are beneficial to the skin. Omega 3 is great at solving dry skin (think eczema!), though Omega 6 is the most imperative for those suffering from skin disorders. Oils high in Omega 6 help to prevent congestion and dissolve existing blockages (think acne, eczema, dryness, sensitivity!). They help to protect the skin, to form a smooth, healing and non-irritating layer over the skin. This helps to keep your hydration in, and keep out the damaging factors.

How can we get EFA’s for our skin?

Your moisturiser from within, is your EFA loaded Bestow Beauty Oil. Generally 1 tablespoon a day, mixed into food (such as smoothies, salad dressings, muesli… the list goes on!) Bestow Beauty Oil’s are rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) which bestow health and radiance from deep within the skin’s layers.

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B Complex Vitamins

Why does our skin need Vitamin B?

B Complex vitamins must be present in the body, so it can utilise EFA’s. These go hand in hand, and are non-negotiable when dealing with skin conditions. B Complex Vitamins are water-soluble so must be supplied to the body on a daily basis. Not only do they help your body utilise EFA’s, they are also help the oil produced by your skin gets out (not trapped) onto the skin surface.

How can we get Vitamin B for our skin?

The B-vitamins in Bestow Beauty From Beneath help to optimise EFA absorption. If you add this Bestow product (in conjunction with the Bestow Beauty Oil) to a healthy diet, you will be providing your body with everything it needs to produce healthy, glowing skin from within, as it also contains Vitamin A (read on…)

Vitamin A

Why does our skin need Vitamin A?

Vitamin A aids in the growth, maintenance and repair of all skin! It keeps your skin cells growing strong and able to heal quickly, thus ageing gracefully. You need Zinc to metabolize Vitamin A – so make sure you are not deficient in either. We have the Janesce Zinc Repair that will address both of these concerns.

How can we get Vitamin A for our skin?

The carotenoids in Bestow Beauty from Beneath Capsules promote wound healing and stimulate the production of collagen, our anti-wrinkle fibre. Take one capsule per day with breakfast.  Don’t forget to increase both yellow and orange fruit and veges, as well as dark green leafy veges!

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Why does our skin need Zinc?

Zinc is a trace mineral, required in the body by more than 2000 enzymes (70 enzymes in the skin rely on zinc!). Unfortunately this is also one of the most common deficiencies, and in NZ, most likely needs to be supplemented. Being deficient in zinc can cause your skin to become weak, age faster, heal slowly (whether wound or acne!), look dull, or split nails/hair. We need at least 15mg per day for skin.

How can we get Zinc for our skin?

Bestow Beauty Collagen Boost contains 6gms of zinc per serving, which provides 80% of your RDI. Ask to get your zinc levels tested by us, or by your local pharmacy – it’s a simple taste test and will take less then 5 minutes

Vitamin C

Why does our skin need Vitamin C?

Most of us are pretty familiar with Vitamin C. But do you know specifically what it does for skin?  It plays a major role in the formation of collagen (anti-aging fibres!). It boosts wound healing, strengthens your capillaries, helps with the absorption of iron (we need this to make sure our skin received the right supply of oxygen!). And of course, it’s a major antioxidant!

How can we get Vitamin C for our skin?

Bestow Beauty Collage Boost also contains more than double your minimum daily requirement of vitamin C. On rising in the morning, you can also drink the juice of ½ a lemon in warm water, approximately 20 minutes before breakfast. Don’t forget to add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet!

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The SIX Nutritional Elements You Need For Skin