My 7 DAYS OF ME Journey (Interview)
My 7 DAYS OF ME Journey (Interview)

My 7 DAYS OF ME Journey (Interview)

By Hannah

7 DAYS OF ME is a gentle, one-week clean-eating detox, which results in a renewed you! It offers a myriad of benefits such as clearer skin and eyes, increased energy and concentration, a feeling of lightness and well-being and weight loss just to name a few. It is a beautiful rebalancing ritual to do each autumn and spring, but can be done any time throughout the year. If you want to move towards creating a healthier lifestyle, this gentle yet powerful cleanse is the perfect first step.

Interview with Hannah, from lovesoul

Why Did You Decide To Do The 7 Days Of Me Cleanse?

I chose to take part in the 7 DAYS OF ME cleanse, for both my clients and myself. For myself, I saw it as an opportunity to start with a clean slate in terms of nutrition and diet. I didn’t feel healthy and knew my current diet was the cause. I knew by doing 7 DAYS OF ME I would be motivated to continue the healthier lifestyle. For my clients, I wanted to be able to share my own experiences with them. I would love to be an inspiration to my clients to show them that if I can do it, so can they. I would also love to be able to support them through their own 7 DAYS OF ME experience in a more understanding way.

What Was The Hardest Part?

One of the difficult parts of the cleanse initially was the timing of eating meals. The last few months I had a tendency to snack throughout the day between clients instead of actually sitting for lunch. Another thing I found hard was avoiding sugar. Although I don’t LOVE sugar, it is often around the house more than I would like (due to have having a big household and many people to cater for). I found I was eating sugary foods out of habit and for the convenience of it being ready to eat immediately.

What Did You Enjoy Most?

Once I began scheduling in meal times, I loved not feeling hungry during the day. I loved the quality of the food and liked spending time preparing meals instead of eating in a hurry.

What Were You Surprised At?

I loved that I could feel the difference in my energy, due to the quality of the food. The increase of vegetables in general made a big difference to how I felt and of course we definitely preferred organic. Before the cleanse I would have an energy drop in the afternoon – during the cleanse I had energy throughout the whole day right until bedtime. My sleep patterns also improved.

What Were The Positive Benefits?

I felt cleaner, lighter and definitely had more energy. I have always had problems with my digestion, but at the end of the 7 days I felt really good – good enough that I knew I would make an effort to keep it up so I could keep feeling that way!

What Was Your Favourite Recipe?

Roast Pumpkin Frittata!

Have You Made Any Changes To Your Everyday Eating As A Result Of 7 Days Of Me?

I start my day with lemon water, eat a full and healthy breakfast, and I still make sure I have time for a proper lunch each day. I have added Bestow Beauty Powder to my diet. Bestow Beauty Oil and Bestow Be Cleansed have both been in my diet for a long time and I love all three. And I eat a lot more green! Due to the nature of my big household, the sugar has snuck back in, but nowhere near as often.

Do You Think You Will Do It Again?


Anything Else?

I love 7 DAYS OF ME as an easy starting point to make long term healthy changes to your lifestyle.

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My 7 DAYS OF ME Journey (Interview)