Meet Hannah, Owner & Senior Spa Therapist
Meet Hannah, Owner & Senior Spa Therapist

Meet Hannah, Owner & Senior Spa Therapist

By Hannah

Meet Hannah

Owner & Senior Beauty Therapist

”Hi! My name is Hannah, and I have been a beauty & spa therapist for 10 years now. I am the boss lady of lovesoul, and very proud of the environment I have created for lovesoul clients. Skin health & well-being is our forté. I believe skin care comes from within, giving me a more holistic approach to skin care. I focus on total body wellness to guide you into healthy skin. Finding the balance of skin care, diet, nutrition and lifestyle is vital for all skin transformations, and any long term results. Our wellbeing is influenced by the actions we take and the way we think. This is why for beautiful skin; I treat both the inside and outside. I would love to coach you on your skin health journey, and look forward to meeting you!”

~ Hannah

Interview with Hannah

What do you love most about being a beauty therapist?

Where do I begin? I love seeing clients enter a little cocoon of a cozy treatment room, completely relax and unwind, only to emerge feeling like a butterfly!

Could you share a bit about your journey in this industry and any milestones you’ve achieved?

I became a beauty therapist in 2010, and in line with my philosophy, have kept myself on the wellness spa path. I joined the Village Beauty Studio in 2013 (now known as lovesoul - Hi!), and later took the opportunity to purchase and rebrand it as lovesoul in 2019. I’ve been fortunate to find wonderful therapists to work alongside me, who share the same love and passion that I do. I would say all of these are milestones!

What is your favourite treatment?

Well, I am always “in need” of a massage - but I especially love facials. Complete spa facials where the entire sensory experience is a slow dance of massage and skilled hands. You know I’m not into invasive machines or fast-paced treatments (except for my waxing on a back-to-back schedule!). Also, I want to say that body scrubs are incredibly underrated!

What is your favourite beauty product or tool that you can’t live without?

Product: the new Janesce Ancient Earth Mineral Mask - absolutely divine! The day after using this mask, I always receive positive comments about my skin!

Tool: Rose Quartz Gua Sha, and you can never go wrong with a soaking cloth!

Could you talk about your philosophy when it comes to skincare and wellness?

I could talk about this all day! I 100% believe that wellness comes from within - it involves nurturing the mind, the gut, and the skin, just as much as it does the mind, body, and spirit. I strongly believe in the power of energy and the interconnectedness of these elements in creating overall well-being.

To me, skincare and wellness are not just about external treatments but also about bringing harmonious balance within ourselves to radiate beauty and positivity on the outside.

I’m all about embracing a holistic approach that makes us feel good from the inside out, and I’m here to guide clients on that journey. It’s not just about looking good, but feeling good too. It’s about finding that balance and harmony inside ourselves that makes us glow on the outside.

What’s your go-to form of self-care to unwind after a busy day?

Herbal tea in silence, beach walks, or something creative (I also paint, photograph & design) - probably in that order!

Besides being a talented beauty therapist, what are some things you love to do outside of your profession?

Photography is my ‘hidden talent.’ I know from this point forward, I’ll be quite busy with lovesoul, but over the summer, I find models to join me, and together, we chase sunsets!

What’s something you wish all clients knew about when it comes to skin care?

I’ll limit myself to three points; otherwise, I’ll go on forever…

  • Peeling and scraping back your skin barrier to no end is one of the fastest ways to compromise and age your skin. Can we please stop. (Click to learn why?)

  • Skin Soaking is your “Anti-Ageing 101” and “Skin Healing 101” and this concept should be understood and followed by ALL clients, ALWAYS, no matter your age or skin type.

  • You are what you eat (or your skin is!) - so take your Bestow Beauty Oil!

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Hannah - Senior Beauty Therapist

Meet Hannah, Owner & Senior Spa Therapist