How To Deal With Ultra-Sensitive Skin
How To Deal With Ultra-Sensitive Skin

How To Deal With Ultra-Sensitive Skin

By Hannah

What is Ultra Sensitive Skin?

  • Red or pink in colour, most or all of the time
  • Texture could be rough, dry, flaky
  • It could feel tight, hot, stingy or itchy (or any combination of the above)
  • Reactive to touch, environment, all or specific skin care products

“My skin is very sensitive and reacts often”

“I need to be careful which skin care products I use”

While we are born with delicate skin, and some of us are genetically sensitive, sensitised skin is more of a skin condition than a skin type.

When it comes to sensitive skin and looking at the skin holistically, we consider EVERYTHING! Skin care, lifestyle, diet, nutrition, sleep, exercise, environment, perhaps even allergies? … the list goes on.

Think about how long you have had this condition? Do you know what has caused or triggered this? If only a short time, has something changed recently? Or has it been this way for a long time?

Consider our Skin Coaching Programme

Skin Care Programmes are designed specifically for those who are commited to changing their skin. If you are ready to embrace the Slow Beauty way, we are here to support you on your unique skin transformation journey.

Your skin is a reflection of your life mirroring the quality of your skincare, diet, lifestyle and overall wellbeing. You have the power to change your skin, because you have the power to change your life. With dedication and patience, this change can be beautiful.

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How to Care for Ultra-Sensitive Skin

Step 1

Look at your diet

  • Drink plenty of water – hydrate from the inside.

  • Get plenty of EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) like Omega 3 & 6 – Bestow Beauty Oil gives you the best quality EFA’s. Take 1 tablespoon daily, mixed with food (smoothies, salad dressings, cereals…)

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  • Watch foods that heat and irritate the skin, such as caffeine, alcohol, oranges, curries, spices, strawberries, saturated fats & processed meats, and chocolate.
List of Heating Foods & Alternatives
  • Add clean foods, more fruit & vegetables – especially the ones packed with anti-oxidants!

Persevere for 6-8 weeks when dealing with internal changes. Unless you are very deficient, these changes won’t show up on the outside of your skin for a few weeks yet! This is why it is the first step in making a change to your skin, and usually requires the most commitment.

True skin transformation begins when you take a break from foods that fuel skin problems and nourish your body with specific nutrients that heal and re-build your skin from within. The Bestow 7 Day Cleanse introduces you to the Bestow philosophy of caring for your skin by caring for your life. Take a look at the links below to see if this is something you might like to dedicate some time to.

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Step 2

Look at your skin care routine

A hydrated skin is a healthy and strong skin. Given it is currently very weak and imbalanced, we need to avoid doing too much at once. A simple routine gives the best results. If you can, avoid wearing any makeup while healing your skin.

We suggest a consultation with a therapist before purchasing any products to ensure they are right for you. While the Janesce Repair & Glow Pack is an excellent start for sensitive skins, some skins will need a step back even from this and need to start even more gradually. Occassionally, we can’t address skins topically because they are so compromised! In these cases we start from within, and focus on nutrition for a number of weeks to build the strength of the skin from the inside.

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First, soak your skin

Soak your skin, warm water (not hot!) and a muslin soaking cloth – morning and night. Hold the damp cloth over your face and skin for 20 seconds, then dip it back in the water, squeeze out and repeat 5 times. Depending on severity of sensitivity, you might need to wait a while before including Janesce Soaking Drops in your water. When your skin is ready, this has a great hydration boost on the skin. Your beauty therapist will decide whether a naturopathic or herbal concentrate is right for you, such as Janesce SK1 Concentrate or Janesce Sensitive/Dehydrated concentrate.

Learn more about Skin Soaking
Last, lock it in

Lock in the water with a facial oil after soaking. Your facial oil will depend on the severity of your sensitivity, and this is where it’s important to discuss with your therapist. Some options include:

If needed, do the soak & lock again during the day, or apply the facial oil again to protect your skin from dehydrating further. Without locking the water in from your Soaking, you risk further dehydrating your skin.

Step 3

Check your environment

We don’t want the skin to be hot or itchy (or both!)

  • Avoid too hot showers, too hot teas, and too many blankets at night etc.
  • Avoid going from hot to cold environments too quickly or the skin can flush.
  • Are you working in air conditioning? This can be very dehydrating and drying on your skin.
  • Use the Janesce Soothing Mist throughout the day to rebalance, hydrate and soothe the skin when you need it.

Step 4

Commit to the changes and watch your skin transformation begin.

Your skin will thank you.

Understand all skins are different. Although we have guidelines here, a consultation with a professional expert is invaluable.

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How To Deal With Ultra-Sensitive Skin