Healthy Digestion Means Healthy Skin
Healthy Digestion Means Healthy Skin

Healthy Digestion Means Healthy Skin

By Hannah

As you may know from previous posts, a healthy digestion contributes greatly towards a healthy skin.

If your body isn’t eliminating toxins & waste properly, this will reflect on your skin.

Aside from giving you full and devitalised skin, a poor digestion can play a big part in skin conditions we don’t like such as acne, eczema and other irritations & sensitivities.

We’ll dive into Gut Health another time. It’s a big topic! For now…

Bestow gut love

Bestow Gut Love+ Powder

Bestow Be Cleansed and Bestow Gut Love+ are designed to bestow a clearer, more radiant complexion through the detoxification of the bowel and liver and the gentle elimination of toxins.

It is very natural and very gentle (even soothing to the intestinal tract), and it works fantastically with Bestow Beauty Plus Oil. It can help improve energy levels & sleep patterns. It is a powder, to be mixed & eaten with food. Our favourite way to add this into our diets is through smoothies, that way I can add my Bestow Oil as well. You can sprinkle it over breakfast, mix it into yoghurt.. the options are endless.

I have always had a very sensitive stomach, and after using the Be Cleansed for the past few years I stand by it 100%. I’m now using the Gut Love+ to include the probiotic. It has helped me (and lots of other clients) immensely! Even those who think they have good digestion.. I would still recommend to give it a try. Great is better then good/fine, and if you can have great - why settle for fine!

Before purchasing, please discuss your programme with your therapist.

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Healthy Digestion Means Healthy Skin