Changing Your Skin Care In Summer
Changing Your Skin Care In Summer

Changing Your Skin Care In Summer

By Hannah

Why do we need to change our skin care in warmer weather?

The skin is our first line of defence when it comes to the body. Its main function is to protect the skin from unwanted environmental influences. Coming into summer, this is always important.

In summer, although the humidity in the air is good for your skin, the heat is not always. Humidity for skin is a good thing because it means moisture, and moisture means hydration. Heat can mean sensitivity, it could also mean sun damage.

First of all, know how to protect your skin from the sun.

Second of all, know why you need to hydrate and protect your skin from the heat AND sun.

Hydration is one of THE MOST important things for your skin. If it’s not hydrated, it can’t function. If it can’t function, you lose out on a healthy skin. Yes you still need to moisturise every day in summer even if your skin doesn’t feel ‘dry’. You also definitely need to be using sun care products (all year round actually!)

Janesce Suncare Lotion is our go-to for daily defence.

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What do we do?

We soak, and we protect!

Soak your skin more times, for longer each time. Give your skin a boost, and a chance to really soak up all that water it’s craving! A hydrated skin can help to actually keep your skin cool. We have the beautiful Janesce Lavender or Refreshing Soaking Drops for this.

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You’ll most likely up your intake of fruits and vegetables with smoothies and salads. A vege green smoothie is perfect!

If you have sensitive skin, or skin that goes red easily, or even eczema prone skin - watch out for certain foods that can aggravate this. Oranges & strawberries are good (or bad!) at doing this.

Change your moisturiser. The heavy one you were using over winter may be a bit much now. You can still use a facial oil - and these are usually the best things for ‘oily’ skins. (Note: before you call yourself an oily skin, please read this - and then check your skin is not oily due to dehydration!)

This still applies even if you work indoors. Have you started using air conditioning yet? Unfortunately, this can really dehydrate your skin – upping your moisturiser and using your [facial mist] during the day will help with this.

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Your facial mist will both hydrate the skin, and keep it cool. Going from a cold room, to the blazing sun, back to an air conditioned room again is also not very helpful for your skin. Your poor capillaries will be working overtime.

Use the Janesce Suncare Lotion ALL YEAR ROUND to build up the defence within your skin, then put your SPF sunscreen on top whenever you’re directly out in the sun - especially in summer!

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Protect, protect, protect. But don’t forget to Skin Soak & Hydrate!

Changing Your Skin Care In Summer