4 Reasons Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Skin
4 Reasons Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Skin

4 Reasons Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Skin

By Hannah

Why do you need to look after your skin?

So it can do its job, and look great doing it!

The skin is our first line of defence when it comes to the body. Its main function is to protect the skin from unwanted environmental influences. If you do not look after your skin, it can become sensitive, irritated and age much faster than it would when it’s at it’s most healthy.

1. Your skin will protect you

Dehydrated skin cells are dry and brittle. Irritants can enter the skin and cause sensitivity because now there are bigger spaces between the curled and dry skin cells. When they are hydrated, the skin cells will be plump and sit together nicely to create a healthy barrier. Between the skin cells are lots of different things such as the storage of nutrients (hence why nutrition is very important!) and lots of busy enzymes (hence why hydration or water is very important!). If these layers don’t have what they need, they will fail to function and do all the things they need to do to protect you.

2. Your skin will feel great

Not only will your skin look great, but also your body will feel great on all levels. A clean strong healthy skin generally means the body is clean strong and healthy too. A great skin makes you feel beautiful from the inside and out. The difference in confidence can be huge with a healthy strong skin!

3. Your skin will glow, and look healthy

This is specific to Janesce products & philosophies (so this includes skin nutrition). When using the soak, mist, moisturise method your skin should reach its optimum hydration level. This water will not only plump out fine lines, but it will encourage your skin enzymes to function at their best, and (without getting too science-y) this results in a beautiful glowing skin. No I don’t mean oily and shiny, I mean beautiful, silky smooth & healthy!

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4. Your skin will age gracefully

How hydrated your skin is, determines how fast ageing occurs. Soaking your skin (aka hydrating) is the most anti ageing thing you can do for your skin topically. You can read a previous blog post on hydration, here. It is also important not to over exfoliate and cause your skin to become weaker. Making sure your skin is protected and fed from the outside is extremely important – though there is not much point in working on the outside, if you are not working from the inside. This means nutrition & diet. You want to feed your body and skin with high quality nutrients. These will then give your skin good quality building blocks for your skin when it is making important things for you like collagen and elastin (proteins that work together to create skin strength, firmness, and shape).

Help your skin do its job, and you will look great doing it - both inside and out! :)

4 Reasons Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Skin