10 Rules To Stay Young
10 Rules To Stay Young

10 Rules To Stay Young

By Hannah
1. Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have.

The inside and the outside are so important! If you aren’t already, you’re missing out! If you are, you know exactly how fantastic it feels!

2. Keep your brain active.

Be constantly learning. Start a new hobby, do brain puzzles, play puzzles & games – even better if you have someone else to do this with! The more you use it, the more its worth it.

3. Laugh & Smile.

Negativity is ageing. It makes you dull, devitalized, and tired. None of these things are youthful. Laugh until your stomach & jaw muscles ache. Laugh from your belly.

4. Surround yourself with happy people.

Positivity is contagious. If there’s someone in your life bringing you down – distance yourself or cut ties completely. Chances are you’re not a benefit to them either; both would be better to move on and be happy!

5. Be giving and kind.

Its been said many times, but that’s because its true. What goes around comes around. Send out positivity, and it will come back to you in some way.

6. Don’t worry about the small things.

Is it worth it? Can you change it? Have you done everything you can to help or prevent it? Its time to accept it and focus on something else. Everything will be ok in the end; if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.

7. Take time out.

Enjoy the simple things. Put aside a few minutes, & you’ll find even more in your day. Read a book. Walk the beach. Sit down and just be thankful for all the great things in your life. Relax. Just a few minutes a day can flip your nervous system from stress to rest.

8. Be patient; don’t be in such a rush.

If you feel like you’re running around 24/7, you will start running in circles! That’s when you know its time to sit and rethink. Is there too much on your plate? Cut back; give time for yourself so you have more to give to others.

9. Have goals, go for them; do only what you love.

Dream, and love your dreams.

10. Be yourself.

Be happy with who you are, accept who you are, you are amazing! Believe in yourself, & trust your instincts.

10 Rules To Stay Young