6 Week Skin Care Programme - Good to Glow!

6 Week Skin Programme

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6 Week Skin Coaching Programme
from NZD$ 900

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Are you ready to take your skin from good to glow?

Your skin might be OK, but not quite amazing! It might be good, but does it glow? Too many of us settle for 'average skin'. We feel if we don't have any major concerns, then great, and we should accept our skin as it is at this stage. However, we at lovesoul know that healthy, beautiful skin that glows from within is possible for everyone if they are willing to make some skincare and diet tweaks. If you are ready to take your skin to the next level, this programme is for you.

This 6 Week Programme is for you! We will work together to create a personalised skin care routine that will help you achieve your skin goals. We will also work on your diet and lifestyle to help you achieve your skin goals.

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Skin Health Sessions

Skin Health Sessions

• Book an initial comprehensive naturopathic skin health consultation through your therapist at lovesoul.

• 4 x Skin Health check-in sessions with at lovesoul.

• Text and email support from your therapist throughout the 6 weeks.

• A customised 6-week prescription for topical skincare and skin nutrition.

• A new wellness tip or self-care ritual each session.

Skin Nutrition Support

Skin Nutrition Support

• A Janesce '7 Days of Me' Vital Cleanse pack for your clean-eating detox in week one. The pack includes the 7 Days of Me book (complete with cleanse recipes and a 7 day meal planner and shopping guide), the Janesce Aperitif to assist detoxification, Bestow Beauty Plus Oil, Bestow Dry Bristle Brush and Detoxification Bath Salts.

• Bestow Beauty Powder or Bestow Beauty from Beneath for essential skin nutrition, with Bestow recipe cards and smoothie recipes

• Education about congesting foods and heating foods and their impact on skin.

• Access to Bestow University for education about skin nutrition and Bestow products.

• Bestow Beauty from Beneath Nutritional Supplements for Vitamin B, Zinc and other essential skin nutrients.

• Bestow Within I and Bestow Treats I recipe books to help you make delicious, skin-healthy meals and treats.

Skin Care Support

Skin Care Support

• One of three Janesce Skincare Glow Packs which includes all you need to get started with Janesce Skin Care.

• A lovesoul 60min Wellness Facial after Session 2 as a reward for finishing your 7 Days of Me cleanse.

• A lovesoul 75min Wellness Facial at your last session to celebrate your ‘Good to Glow’ journey in luxurious, botanical, Slow Beauty style.

• A voucher for 10% off Skin Care & Skin Nutrition Products on successful completion of your 6 week programme.

What's Involved?

You will meet with your therapist at lovesoul four times over six weeks.

Two of these four sessions will be followed by a beautiful lovesoul Wellness Facial to intensify your skin transformation process.

Enjoy $1000 worth of value for $900. Payment is required upfront at Session One.

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Session 1

Naturopathic Skin Health Consultation (50 mins)
Prior to coming for your initial consultation you will complete our comprehensive Holistic Skincare Online Questionnaire. Your therapist will review this with our Skin-Naturopath prior to your visit and prepare a topical and internal skincare prescription which she will introduce in your session.

Your Janesce Skincare Routine
Your therapist will give you your Janesce Introductory Pack and take you through your Janesce skincare routine, paying particular attention to the Skin Soaking Ritual, which is the secret of the Janesce ‘glow’.

Skin Nutrition and Supplementation
Your therapist will introduce you to the Bestow Twin Skin Essentials (included in your programme) and explain why they are foundational for skin health. She will also introduce you to the concept of heating and congesting foods and why we recommend you avoid them for the next 6 weeks.

Your 7 DAYS OF ME Cleanse
In between Session 1 and 2, you’ll complete the Janesce 7 DAYS OF ME Vital Cleanse. This one week, gentle, clean-eating detox requires planning and dedication, but it’s a real game-changer for skin and well-being. Your therapist will introduce you to 7 DAYS OF ME and help you to prepare for the cleanse.

Session 2

Prior Skin Health Check-In (25 mins)
Your therapist will debrief your 7 DAYS OF ME cleanse experience with you and introduce a follow-up skincare menu to be followed for the remainder of the programme. She’ll review skincare and skin nutrition rituals, answer any questions you have and introduce a new wellness ritual.

Wellness Facial (60 mins)
Enjoy this beautiful petite facial as a reward for your dedication to the 7 DAYS OF ME cleanse. This Slow Beauty botanical facial will fast-track your hydration and boost your skin transformation.

Session 3

Skin Health Check-In (25 mins)
Your therapist will check in with you on how things are going. By now you’ll already be noticing changes to your skin. Challenges may also have arisen which your therapist can help you with as well as providing fresh recipes or routines to keep things on track in needed. A new wellness ritual will be introduced.

Session 4

Skin Health Check-In (25 mins)
This last session will be a chance to celebrate your skin changes and to consolidate the wellness habits that have made them possible. Your therapist will discuss how you can maintain your newly glowing skin by interweaving food, skincare and lifestyle changes into your daily routines so that these wellbeing changes are sustained long after the programme is finished. You’ll receive an updated recommended prescription for Janesce skincare, Bestow skin-nutrition and wellness routines.

Wellness Facial Level 2 (75 mins)
This Slow Beauty facial is a treat for the skin and the soul complete with hydrating botanical actives and dreamy face, neck and décolletage massage. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the well-being changes you have made to take your skin from ‘good to glow’.

I'm Ready to Glow! What is next?

Book in for a free 15 minute pre-programme consultation with your therapist by booking online here, or giving us a call on (09)411-5226. This gives you a chance to meet your therapist, experience the lovesoul environment, and ask any questions you might have before committing to the programme. If you decide to proceed the next step is to:

Book an appointment for Session One and complete our comprehensive Holistic Skincare online questionnaire. This alerts your therapist to potential problem areas to pay attention to and gives us a good understanding of your starting point.

Prepare your mind for action and attend Session One! Payment for the programme is required in full at the first session.

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